Hello World

Hi, I'm a Niconico addict, especially the Vocaloid and singing section, I'm also trying to learn Japanese (techincally got JLPT1, but since I learned mostly from online grammar list, and not from class or actual usuage, I don't know half as much as I am supposed to...) AND a horrible procrastinator.

So I was thinking if I make it a project to translate the songs that I love, it would motivate me to actually  study...

Favourite vocaloid is KAITO, but I like the whole family, including UTAU; favourite singers are じゃっく, トゥライ, vip店長, 雌豚, recog, ぱにょ, etc

Nothing friend locked for now, unless I ever got around to scanning the few doujin / ripping the ...2... doujin music cd I have bought...

Feel free to friend and leave a message (in case I managed to miss the LJ notice), and I will add you back.

If there is any need to use the lyrics  (for singing/archive/video/whatever) go ahead, just remember to credit the original writer. You don't have to credit me, just as long as you don't claim the credit instead (and I'm totally not responsible for any screw up with the  translation... I try to make sure they are as accurate as I can get, but neither Japanese nor English is my first language, so. If you spot any error please do correct me, I'd love you forever for that.)

To do list for the translations. Feel free to make requests ^^
Posting Romaji with no Translations at vocalyric

因幡の白兎 by イントロP

@@; I found out AFTER subbing that イントロP set the video to Private (there was some argument about the name of the god who helped the rabbit, he has several names that he got at different time, and apparently the name used in the lyrics here weren't his name at the time the story happened, etc, so may be IntroP wants to fix that bit before reuploading).
So it's probably best if I don't post this in public... if anyone wants to see the sub, please send me a message with your youtube ID, if you just want to see the text, just see the previous post + Krystal's correction in the comment.

The story mentioned in the lyrics:


Sorry for the disappearance, work has been crazy busy, and then I went off for just under a week to Japan to go to Comiket, and when I got back I was too busy trying to catch up with my sleep schedule...

Comiket was FUN, but OH MY GOD was it crowded! To get an idea on how many people there were in the queue outside the hall, at 7am (Comiket opens at 10am), try to imagine the most number of people you can imagine being packed into a laaaarge American-mall-sized parking lot, and then multiply that by 3 times, and then try to remember that there are more people who arrived so late they couldn't fit into the parking lot and had to queue outside...
ps. We got there via literally the first train and arrived around 6am, and only got to queue at around the 1/3 mark of the parking lot, how did the people in front of us got there @@;

Luckily the rumours about otakus with poor hygiene and no deodorant seems to be false (or things have greatly improved over the years), since me and my friend winded up being amounst the less well dressed (t-shirt and long-ish skirt to for sitting on the floor + hot weather) but I never realized the sun starts getting scorching hot by around 8am in summer = =;

Got to see lots of people tho (only dare to speak to Panyo tho, since he’s super friendly and talks to everyone and shakes hands and signs if you ask, and even so, I didn’t dare to mention I was from HK), and bought more CD + doujins than I probably should *eyes wallet*

Here’re most of the stuff I bought (my friend forgot to hand me back a few CDs she carried for me XD will have to wait till weekend to get those back) Collapse )

(Zaou/EikiEiki's stii at the top, since I love their craziness to bits, so I bought whatever they have regardless of what show it's for. As for the rest... I almost bought everything I saw with KAITO on the cover... No, I didn't go to the APH side of the hall, else I might not have enough money to come home...)


I'VE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON LATELY, BUT THEY KEEP DOING SUDDEN RADIO/NICOLIVE ALL NIGHT UNTIL 3-4AM LATELY @@ (I'm suffering from lack of sleep, but I can't resist watching/listening)

And Kirin-san went and uploaded 6 videos in one day....

At this rate, I'll never get any translation / romanisation done www

Btw, this is the 3rd continuation for Gachya's live show with 5koma, minmin, valshe, kushi and dasoku as guests. he has been at it for 6 hours or so now = =; (the guests joined later tho)
They are now playing a game where they're forbidden to say any foreign words, and the listeners keep giving them trick questions like "what's your favourite band (western groups only)" www